- Original Flavour -

From K7 to Nagra to DAT to SADIE !!!


Shooting gears Editing tools


-  Shooting gears  -

Nagra IV.2
Fostex PD 4
Sound Devices 744 T
Sound Devices MixPre 10T
Sound Devices 302 Mixer
Sound Devices MixPre D
ACS 8 mixer
Sony TCD 7
Sony MiniDisk MZ-R700
Zoom H2
Micron & Sennheiser transmitters
Comtek Listening HF system
Tram & Sennheiser lapel microphones
Senheizer MS couple
Spare MS decoder
Beyer & Sennheiser headphones
Rycote & Cinella windscreen and windjammer
Ambient & Janis booms
Senheizer, Neuman, Beyer boom mikes
Tons off cables & accessories of all kind

Everything on wheels !!


-  Editing tools  -

SaDiE classic running ver.3.7.05
SaDiE 24/96 running ver.4.03
ProTools ver 10.3.09 - ver 11
MBox Pro
Canopus video interface
Yamaha 03D automated mixer

Yamaha DM 1000 automated mixer
TC Electronic Db Max
Hafler amps
Urei 809A main monitoring
Yamaha NS-10 close field monitoring
Plextor 8/20 cd cutter
Tascam DA 88
Tascam IF 88
Sony PCM 701
Sony CD player
Studer A 700 1/4 inch
Sound booth with Neuman U 87
Video support : Beta SP, Beta SX, Beta Digi, DV Cam, DVC Pro, Mini DV, Umatic, DVD, VHS, XDCam, HDCam, ...
All file base video format

And a lot more to come...